SAT with Friends – A Common SAT Mistake

There’s a lot that SAT prep companies do wrong, but the blame for one of the biggest mistakes falls on the shoulders of students and parents. The blame falls on the student for making the mistake, and upon the parents for indulging their child in making the mistake.

What’s that mistake? It’s the student joining an SAT program because his friends are going to the same one.

Look, we get it. SAT Prep is boring (well, not ours, because we take a fundamentally completely different approach – but everyone else’s prep program is). But are you really saying that you’d make a decision involving thousands of dollars, and your entire future, based on being able to hang out with your friends during the ten minute break?

What does that say about the SAT prep program industry? First, students basically know that they’re all the same. (After all, students aren’t completely irrational, even though the myth of adolescence might tell us so). Since they’re all the same, why not go to the one that has your friends? Second, SAT prep programs are so boring that students need the appeal of being able to see their friends during SAT class. That’s a really sad state of affairs.

Seowon Academy is completely different, fortunately. Students are completely engaged with our scholarly approach. Why? Because the whole point of scholarship is to discuss things that actually matter. Students deepen their understanding of the things that matter to them, including what the best way to live their life is, cultivating good relationships, why society is the way it is, or even moral truth. Every SAT prep course conveniently shies away from such rich subjects, because it’s too difficult for them to handle. But when students come to Seowon Academy, they are never bored – not even for a moment.

Better yet, the scholarly approach actually develops the scholastic skills that are directly tested for by the SAT. In contrast, the typical SAT approach only teaches “test strategies,” which are completely different from the scholastic skills.

If you want to spend time with friends, go over to their house. If you want to learn something meaningful, while helping yourself obtain SAT scores you had never thought possible, go to Seowon Academy.

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