Headmaster Shon
Headmaster Shon is the ideal teacher for Seowon Academy. A Doctor of Jurisprudence and Dean’s Scholar from Santa Clara University School of Law, psychobiology major from Swarthmore College, researcher at Stanford University, licensed patent attorney, and most importantly, having a foundation of one decade of scholarly teaching experience, he has the consummate background and teaching skills to cultivate his scholar-apprentice students.
Each piece of his educational background makes perfect his teaching talent. His legal background and education helps him teach to his students powerful writing techniques, the delivery of strongly persuasive arguments, and the development of brilliant insights and logically irrefutable reasoning. His psychology and neurobiology backgrounds help him understand how to best teach high school students, given their age and brain development. 
Beyond formal education and work experience, Master Shon is a rare example of a true scholar. He is deeply dedicated toward the cultivation of true scholarship in his students: an achievement encompassing sharp intellect, personal excellence, and maturity. As such, he even gives life advice in addition to his academic teaching and college guidance. After all, true scholarship is not merely about the life of the mind, but rather, the life of the whole human being. His great dream is to bring wisdom, virtue, and academic opportunity to young persons so that they can lead a troubled world into a greater future.