The Best SAT Preparation Method – An Explanation

Many SAT Prep Courses will teach SAT strategies and tactics. This is important, but studying only SAT techniques will not greatly increase your score.

The SAT tests for particular scholastic skills, which include the higher literacy skills and logical abstraction skills. By testing for these scholastic skills, the SAT can determine a student’s “college-readiness.”

So in order to develop these skills, a student should develop these scholastic skills. If a student is dedicated and ambitious, there is really one method that ensures perfect scores.

First, students need to read classical philosophy and modern research. There is no better way to strengthen the scholastic skills than to read these texts.

Second, students MUST obtain feedback and criticism on their understanding of the texts they have read. The nature of classical philosophy and literature is that it is easy for a person to believe that he understands the nuances, subtleties, and abstract ideas within the text. In reality, however, most oversimplify what they have read, or simply do not understand the text at all. In reading modern research, the difficulty lies in understanding the logical structure, deduction, and proper inference-making of the research.

Third, students must also master the ideas well enough to write using those ideas, or write about those ideas. This allows students to exercise their own capacity for creating subtlety, nuanced argumentation, and logical abstraction.

All of this ensures that a given student can read, write, and think at a college level. This is how a student is best able to demonstrate his “college-readiness” on the SAT.

Seowon Academy uses this approach, as explained above. No one else uses classical literature and modern research to develop these academic skills (higher literacy and logical abstraction). Students who go through this approach score very highly (1500+) on the SATs. They also get As in their history and English literature courses with minimal effort (which as a bonus benefit, saves them time for other courses and extracurricular activities).

You can teach a child martial arts, but he cannot defeat an adult competitor. Why? Although the martial arts techniques (punching and kicking) are valuable, the child lacks raw power to win. Learning SAT strategies is like learning martial arts techniques (punching and kicking). But developing higher literacy skills and logical abstraction skills is like gaining power. Therefore, students cannot do their best on the SAT if they lack the higher literacy skills and logical abstraction skills.

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