Scholar Apprenticeship


The Scholar is a person of wisdom and virtue, who is accomplished in the cultivation of his mind, heart, and leadership. The Scholar goes beyond academic brilliance and great achievements; he himself is an exemplary person. Naturally, the Scholar is the ideal type of student sought by the world’s top universities.

This Scholar-Apprenticeship program is established for students wishing to excel academically, obtain admissions into the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities, attain the highest scholarship, and pursue lifetime achievement. The Scholar Apprenticeship program is a personal commitment made by the Headmaster towards cultivating the student into a true Scholar.
Students receive personalized guidance from the Headmaster of Seowon Academy, ensuring the highest success on the SATs, GPA, and college admissions. These college-level academic skills continue to benefit the student even during college, such that students can graduate at the top of their class at whichever elite academic institution they choose to attend, Ivy League or similarly-ranked colleges.
⇒Lessons are 90 minutes, weekly. Foundation develops the major scholastic skills essential for top 1% SAT scores, top grades in AP and Honors courses, and top academic success during the student’s four years in college. College admissions consultation and advice are fully included.
⇒The recommended start for students begins at the summer before 9th or 10th grades. Please contact us at to ask when it is best for your child to begin. Alternatively you may call us at 669-254-8696.
⇒Students and their families must interview before being placed into the Scholar Apprenticeship Program and obtain approval by the Headmaster: no exceptions.