Students of SEOWON ACADEMY work closely with Headmaster Shon cultivate themselves into scholars. Scholars are those persons whose accomplishments go beyond intellectual brilliance and academic achievement; they are wise, virtuous, and compassionate leaders. Naturally, such students are the kind of person sought after by the world’s top universities.

The critical difference at Seowon Academy resides in the study of philosophy. The study of philosophy energizes the student’s passion and enthusiasm, expands and sharpens their thinking abilities beyond any other subject of study, and enables students to succeed where others fail, such as with the most difficult section of the SAT. Thus, students not only find admissions into top universities after having top grades and SAT scores, but succeed during college as well.

Beyond “tutoring,” Seowon Academy transforms students into scholars

Headmaster Shon is the perfect teacher for SEOWON ACADEMY’s unique apogee program, the SCHOLAR APPRENTICESHIP program. A Doctor of Jurisprudence and Dean’s Scholar from Santa Clara University School of Law, psychobiology major from Swarthmore College, researcher at Stanford University, licensed patent attorney, and most importantly, having a foundation of one decade of scholarly teaching experience, he has the consummate background and teaching skills to cultivate his scholar-apprentice students. Each piece of his educational background makes perfect his teaching talent. His legal background and education helps him teach to his students powerful writing techniques, the delivery of strongly persuasive arguments, and the development of brilliant insights and logically irrefutable reasoning. His psychology and neurobiology backgrounds help him understand how to best teach high school students, given their age range and brain development. And beyond formal education and work experience, Master Shon is truly dedicated toward the cultivation of true scholarship – an achievement encompassing sharp intellect, personal excellence, and matured wisdom.

The deeply-rooted tree
Sways not in the wind
And so blossoms wonderfully
Bearing great fruit


The SCHOLAR APPRENTICESHIP program is a personal commitment made by the Headmaster towards cultivating the student into a true scholar. The scholar alone is capable of attaining academic accomplishment with ease; but far more than this, he transforms the world for the better through his brilliance and exemplary character. This course is best suited for students wishing to excel academically, obtain admissions into the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities, attain the highest scholarship, and pursue lifetime achievement.
Students receive personalized guidance from Headmaster Shon, ensuring elite success on the SATs, GPA, and college admissions. The academic skills, insightful understanding, and study strategies established during these individualized one-on-one lessons carry over into college, such that students can graduate at the top of their class at whichever elite academic institution they choose to attend, Ivy League or otherwise.
Lessons begin at 90 minutes per week. Further time is added if needed. Foundation covers the major scholastic skills (including higher literacy skills and logical abstraction thinking skills) essential for top 1% SAT scores, achievement in AP and Honors courses, and later academic success at top universities. Reading and discussion of college-level classical and modern academic texts in the humanities and sciences, and subsequent analytical writing criticizing and making use of the ideas found therein, set the regular scholarly activities that develop the scholarly skill set. Students thus mature and develop their own insight and brilliance, wisdom and personal virtue, through practicing these scholastic activities.
The Headmaster provides consultations and advice regarding which extra-curricular activities to pursue, which courses to choose for the following years, and all other advice ensuring both college admissions success and personal, intellectual, and leadership growth.
As the student’s scholastic aptitude matures, Headmaster Shon guides them through SAT preparation to ensure top 1% scores.
Finally, Headmaster Shon guides his students through the college application process, helping his apprentices write outstanding college admissions essays that authentically illuminates the student’s voice and personality. Help is provided for obtaining scholarships and need-based tuition rates, thereby lowering the cost of college education.
The recommended start for students begins at the summer before 9th or 10th grades. Please contact us at to ask when it is best for your child to begin.
Students and their families must interview with the Headmaster before being placed into the SCHOLAR APPRENTICESHIP Program to determine whether the student is an appropriate match for the program.


The SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE SEMINAR prepares high school students for the SAT and college academic success through a college seminar course setting.
A professor (doctorate-degree holder) will develop the student’s college-level academic skills through a college seminar-style course with only four other students. The academic skills developed during the seminar will enable top SAT scores, better grades in AP and Honors courses, and top performance during college.
Recommended for students in grade 10 and above.
High school seniors (grade 12) should also strongly consider taking the SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE SEMINAR after having finished applying to colleges in order to ensure that they have the college-level academic skills before beginning college. Many students struggle with college grades because they have not developed their high school-level academic abilities into college-level academic abilities.
Please inquire at to obtain scheduling information for the SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE SEMINAR.